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Chengda Commercial Building

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Zhejiang Chengda Commercial Building Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Cheng large commercial buildings) was founded in December 1996, the company is located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Yongjia Qiaotou town east Avenue. Registered capital of 38 million yuan, is a collection of large chain department stores, supermarket chains, chain pharmacies, home appliance chain, distribution as one of Wenzhou's largest integrated retail commercial.
Chengda commercial buildings since its inception, has been to challenge themselves, the courage to lead the entrepreneurial spirit and honesty, customer-oriented operation of the Road, in the wave of market economy continued to expand, keep making progress, continue to innovate and grow. The company under the branches, outlets 77, with a total business area of ​​over 80,000 square meters, total sales for many years ranked first in the retail business in Wenzhou. The company over the years won the "Ministry of Commerce, Ten Thousand Villages Construction Engineering Excellence pilot enterprises", "thousands of town supermarket chain engineering enterprises in Zhejiang Province", "Zhejiang Community trade service business model," "Zhejiang consumer trust units" "Zhejiang price, dual-channel measurement unit", "Zhejiang malls and shops with fake Model Shop" and "re-employment of advanced units in Zhejiang Province", "Zhejiang Province", "well-known firms in Zhejiang Province," " Zhejiang urban and supermarket chains focused on leading enterprises "," Zhejiang circulation of intellectual property protection pilot unit ", the" Eleventh Five-commerce hundred enterprises in Zhejiang Province, "the honorary title.
As a local leader in the retail business, Cheng big win full recognition of the healthy development of government and society. Honorary mission carries, innovation and lead the future. Cheng generals continue to accelerate its own development strategy, and constantly consolidate the market position of local enterprises, as bigger, so real, so long, strong and struggle.

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