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Zhejiang Shing Industrial Group Co., Ltd. located in China Button City - Wenzhou Bridge in the town, is a trade-led, industry-based, integrated development of services for the industry, diversified enterprise group.
Our company was founded in 1979, formerly known as Wing Tai Clothing shop materials company, after all my colleagues in nearly three decades of efforts, now has five wholly owned net assets of over ten million: of which, including Shing Zipper Factory, Dalian Yongda Shopping, Bridge Hotel, Prudential Hotel, Longgang, Wenzhou, Dalian Wing plus clothing shop materials Limited. Has now been formed to industry-based, carry trade, the garment industry's overall development, trade and service sector profit growth, nurturing the development of industry, forming a diversified development, promote each other a good cycle.
Shing Industrial Group will continue to assimilate various senior technical and management personnel to join Shing, constantly optimize the organization and industry structure, the introduction of advanced production technology and operational thinking, continually tap the potential of the enterprise and actively explore the market, is holding entrepreneurs Dedication, of a sincere brands, the use of the idea of investors actively cut profit growth.

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